The 2013 Festival season is completed. Use this page to review past chosen entries.

Guest of Honor ~ Penelope Spheeris

Dudes, Penelope Spheeris

Suburbia,Penelope Spheeris
USA/94 minutes
Decline of Western Civilization III, Penelope Spheeris
USA/86 minutes

Narrative Features

Beat Down, Deanne Foley

Breakfast with Curtis,Laura Colella
U S A/82 minutes
Existence, Juliet Bergh
New Zealand/84 minutes
Gabby’s Wish, Hollie Olson
USA/90 minutes
Rumblestrips, Toby Poser
U S A/84 minutes

Documentary Features

From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe, Cristina McCandless
USA/78 minutes
Lace Bite, Sharron Bates
Canada/68 minutes
plays with
Into the Scrum, Rian Brown
USA/19 minutes

Rock N Roll Mamas, Jackie Weissman
USA/60 minutes
plays with
Auditioning Fanny,Mia’kate Russell
Australia/15 minutes
Corin Tucker Band – Neskowin (Official Music Video), Alicia J. Rose
USA/5 minutes
Smoke Songs, Briar March
USA/20 minutes

UNFIT: Ward vs. Ward, Edwin Scharlau, Penny Edmiston, Katie Carmichael
USA/74 minutes
We Women Warriors, Nicole Karsin
USA/82 minutes
Mother ~ Daughter Screening!
WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
U S A/60 minutes
plays with 
El agua de la tierra, Emma Lopez Hechem
Mexico/3 minutes
Jody’s Bra, Janine Sides
U S A/17 minutes

Shorts Collections


Blank Canvas, Sarah Berkovich

Flawed, Andrea Dorfman

Lunch Date, Sasha Collington
United Kingdom/

The Bathhouse, Jisoo Kim

When I Grow Up, Sharon Arteaga

Chalk, Martina Amanti
United Kingdom/

Georgena Terry, Amanda Zackem

Self Portrait with Cows Going Home and Other Works, Rebecca Dreyfus

Whakatiki – A Spirit Rising, Louise Leitch
New Zealand/

Shorts II: Mature Themes

Jeffrey, Nina Ljeti
USA/10 minutes
Catbird Blues, Rebecca Drummond
USA/22 minutes
Linda LeThorn & the Musicbox, Meg Skaff
USA/17 minutes
Paying For It, Lauren Lillie
USA/22 minutes
SPERM, Nicola Quilter
United Kingdom/12 minutes
Circle Circle Dot Dot, Cassandra Gomes
USA/14 minutes

Shorts III: Mother

Moeder,Roma D’Arrietta
Australia/13 minutes
Matb (Mother), Laura Rosensteel
U S A/14 minutes
storage is unsolved problems, Hope Hall
U S A/5 minutes
The Mary Jane Project, Cinnamon Alexandra Triano
U S A/30 minutes
Half Full, Emily Bender
U S A/26 minutes

Shorts IV: Father

Paulina, Caylee So
U S A/30 minutes
First Match, Olivia Newman
U S A/15 minutes
The Trial Of Ben Barry, Shea E. Butler
U S A/33 minutes
EMPYREAN, Sophia Savage
U S A/29 minutes

Chicken + Zoe, Yael Bridge
USA/ 4 minutes

Shorts V: International Shorts

The Coin,Li Huang
China/11 minutes
Schwestern, Chantal Bertalanffy
Germany/13 minutes
Abuelas, Afarin Eghbal
United Kingdom/9 minutes
The Runner, Ana Lazarevic
Serbia/17 minutes
ESCAPE, Marvi Lacar
Kenya/21 minutes
Телега (The Cart), Natasha Novik
Russian Federation/26 minutes

Shorts VI: Young Filmmakers

Washing Away
U S A/19 minutes
The Edge of Dartmoor, Nathalie Abbott
United Kingdom/10 minutes
Letting Go, Cameron MacKenzie
U S A/8 minutes
There’s No Shame in AIDS, Nicole Calandra
U S A/16 minutes
Killer App, Elizabeth Herrick
U S A/1 minutes
The Letter, Kora Vanderlip
Canada/5 minutes
Recipe for Love, Gwyneth Christoffel
Canada/3 minutes
Versus, Danae Fishman, Hannah Christman, Shannon MacIntyre
U S A/3 minutes
When I Met Dottie, Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Xstine Cook
Canada/2 minutes
Never Ever, Nicole Provost
Canada/10 minutes

Shorts VII: Animation & Experimental

Lost Ambulation,Danielle Short
U S A/5 minutes
Melt In the Shade, KYOUNGJU KIM
U S A/6 minutes
Healing of Snow, Jessica [JAC] Chen
U S A/9 minutes
Backspace, Jillian Starr
U S A/6 minutes
Fire in the Belly, Elan Buendia
U S A/2 minutes
Libidinis, Rosa Peris Medina
Spain/4 minutes
But Some Are Brave, Grace Channer
Canada/5 minutes
Wasp Waist, Magda Matwiejew
Australia/6 minutes
Couch & Potatoes, Eunsoo Jeong & Christopher Lam
U S A/8 minutes
7th, Sara Pocock
U S A/5 minutes
Make a Wish, Hee Jin Kim
U S A/3 minutes
Rietokki, Rami Kim
U S A/3 minutes
Naked Love – Ea’s Garden, Sara Koppel
Denmark/6 minutes
Sinsis, Carmen Lloret
Spain/2 minutes
Reasons, Danielle Jordan-Baile
U S A/5 minutes
Compost Confidential, Caryn Cline
U S A/ 4 minutes
Dear Pluto, Joanna Priestley
USA/7 minutes
Our Summer Made Her Light Escape, Sasha Waters

Shorts VIII: Relationships

En Forestilling (A Play),Liv Mari Mortensen
Norway/3 minutes
Le Train Bleu, Stephanie Assimacopoulo
France/18 minutes
The Future, Venetia Taylor
Australia/8 minutes
Bolt Cutters In Paris, Zoe Robyn
France/15 minutes
The Silk, Nathalie Boltt
New Zealand/15 minutes
LFL in NYC (looking for love in NYC), Tarryn Crossman
U S A/15 minutes
Crush, Rebecca Pugh & Jen West
U S A/7 minutes
Nem que tudo termine como antes, Daniel Caselli & Mariana Martinez
Brazil/13 minutes