• Directed By: Rian Brown
  • USA / 19 minutes
  • Screening: Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 700PM
  • Plays With: Lace Bite
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

Arms locked and heads bowed, the rugby players move as one – a single panting, mud-caked, blood- and sweat-soaked beast straining to push back the opposing side and gain possession of the ball. So begins INTO THE SCRUM, a dynamic and innovative short documentary that, following a team of female rugby players for a year, offers an intimate portrait of an unforgettable collection of young women as they explore new-found, often provocative, roles and rituals of power, aggression, and sexual identity – as they test themselves, both on and off the field, by moving into the ‘scrum’. Shot in first-person perspective on 16mm film and DVCAM, deploying a body-cam and making use of radiant hand-painted animation, the film renders rugby’s fierce physical poetry as it reveals the physical, emotional, and psychological contours of these remarkably thoughtful and adventurous young women’s personal and shared paths to adulthood.