• Directed By: Sharron Bates, Carman Klotz
  • Canada / 68 minutes
  • Screening: Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 700PM
  • Plays With: Into the Scrum
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

LaceBite-Still-WhiteTeamLineupLACE BITE tells the story of a World Record breaking ice hockey game that took place in Burnaby, Canada in the late summer of 2011. This documentary takes you on an entertaining and inspirational journey through 10 days of laughter, tears, and joy. More than just a story about a 10 day-long sports event, it is about digging deep…really deep to help others. It speaks to all of us who have ever thought of doing something extraordinary. Born of a promise to a dying friend, Lace Bite follows 40 spirited, thoughtful, and often zany women as they lace up their skates for a noble cause. With cameras rolling around the clock, the audience is taken on an odyssey. Weaving seamlessly in an out of the game, the viewer learns about cystic fibrosis and the people who live with it. Each of the days passes until frayed nerves bring up undeniable frustration about the ever-widening gap in the score. What might normally be a short-lived irritant becomes a crisis that could bring the players to their knees and the game to a halt. LACE BITE is a unique behind- the-scenes look at what went on in the light, and in the shadows, of this colossal event. LACE BITE is folksy Canadiana. The result is an often funny and poignant film that chronicles the true grit required to keep a commitment. Powered by a vibrant music soundtrack, LACE BITE is a journey of friendship, dedication, unfailing strength of character, and love.