Letting GoLetting Go’ is a short film about a tough-minded young girl who goes through several different stages of grief after the death of someone important to her, until she discovers it’s OK to go on just like the land around her will go on.  After the old farmer dies, the girl goes through shock/denial, pain/anger, bargaining with ‘God’ (which she does in her ‘personal church’ … the lake), feeling lonely, almost lost, until she finally reaches a place of acceptance, and possibly understanding about the event.  It is a combination of passage of time and being around and observing all the life still remaining all over the farm that got the girl through her grief.  Watching the animals roam the farmstead, seeing the sun come up again day after day, experiencing all the natural occurrences of her natural environment eventually took the young girl to where she could let the farmer go and move on with her life.  The journey through the stages of grief carried the young girl into the beginnings of becoming a young woman.  The spirituality of the piece is evident not in a building, but in the story, music, film style and scene choices. The film makes a point about the connection of the girl to the land — the environment around her.  The environment scenes (clear sky, clear water, land for animal grazing, even swarming bugs) send a message about what we would lose if we lose the pristine nature of … well … nature!