It is said that children inherit their parent’s histories, that the scars of one generation diminished through time become the scars of the next. Director Roma D’Arrietta grew up hearing fragments of her mother Sacha’s tumultuous life story and MOEDER is her chronicle of a woman growing up in post war Holland where the effects of the holocaust are still tied to those around her, including her parents. Sacha is an only child, which in her innocence is something of joy as she finds happiness in her small trio. However, the trio begins to fall apart, when she is fourteen her mother commits suicide. Loss reverberates throughout the rest of Sacha’s life as she tries through unconventional means to escape her childhood, but as a result, she finds a depth of feeling that enables her to survive. MOEDER is woven together through the beautifully eerie Super 8 footage of Sacha’s youth. Her mother’s enigmatic smile flashes past the screen reminding one of what is to come, before we are again enmeshed in a world of cracked colour and tragic outcomes.