PayingForIt_03Deidre is unhappy in her relationship. The romantic weekend getaway she planned with her boyfriend is not going well. After he rejects her sexual advances and passes out drunk, Deidre hears a commotion in the hallway. She peeks out of her room to find a beautiful woman in an argument with another man. The situation turns violent and the woman is knocked out. Deidre decides to help the woman. She learns that her name is Sophie and that she’s a high-end call girl. As Deidre discovers more about Sophie, she develops a fascination with her. Drawn in by Sophie’s confident allure, Deidre convinces Sophie to allow her to accompany her to her next job.  During their ensuing hours together, Deidre opens up to Sophie in a way that she hasn’t been capable of confiding in anyone else. The experience affords her an unexpected reassurance of her sense of self-worth and the women part ways forever changed by their time together.