rumblestrips_2013_2Broke and emotionally blistered after the death of her husband, Toby turns to a beloved pastime, growing marijuana, to provide for her family.  When she is arrested and convicted, she packs up the RV and takes her two young daughters on a road trip while uneasily awaiting sentencing. Lulu, longing for her normal 12 year-old’s life of boys and soccer, patiently rides along, quietly mining her mother for any clues as to what lies ahead, and tiring of keeping her younger sister, Zelda, in the dark. As the RV steers from the misty coast of the Pacific Northwest, across emerald mountains and all the way down to the dusty banks of the Rio Grande, the truth and consequences of Toby’s choices are chronicled. She drives deep into the desert, as if the isolated peace of the dry land can keep her children close and her demons distant. But when the RV breaks down, Toby compromises her family’s safety by seeking help from a stranger who pulls Toby’s errors into the light, presenting her with an opportunity to swallow her fears, redeem herself in her daughters’ eyes, and brave the road that will take them all home.