SelfPortrait-250x137Richard Avedon wrote of fellow photographer Sylvia Plachy “She makes me laugh and she breaks my heart.” Ms. Plachy is perhaps best known for her weekly pictures in The Village Voice but her images have been widely exhibited both in the US and abroad and have appeared in numerous publications such as Aperture, Art Forum and The New York Times Magazine. Her impressive body of work spanning more than four decades is a testament to a unique artistic force in the contemporary world. Her most recent book “Goings on about Town” is compilation of photographs taken for THE NEW YORKER. Self-Portrait with Cows Going Home and Other Works is a rare film portrait of Ms. Plachy who is ironically camera shy. With a delicate touch, filmmaker Rebecca Dreyfus coaxes Ms. Plachy to open up about her work and process. The result is a soulful and slightly eccentric look into the private world of one of the greatest living photographers, a perfect reflection of Ms. Plachy herself. Legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles makes an on-camera appearance as Ms. Plachy’s subject as well as shooting segments of the film. Ms. Plachy’s son, the academy award winning actor, Adrien Brody (also a composer) has contributed a delightful original score.