2013 Summer Documentary Series ~ featuring Ondi Timoner

POWFest and NW Documentary have joined forces for a week long documentary series! Kicking off on Friday August 23rd with the summer Homegrown Doc Festival, the week will include family programming, fresh documentaries, and a collection of POWFest favorites from the past six years. The series will conclude on Friday August 30th with a special engagement with award-winning documentary director Ondi Timoner. Ms. Timoner will be on hand to discuss her career in film, share clips of her past and current work and screen the documentaries We Live in Public and DIG! .

August 23-30, 2013
$7/screening or $12/night
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McMenamins’ Mission Theater
1624 NW Glisan St. / Portland, Or 97209
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POWFest is bringing back the best documentaries from seasons past–did you miss these films the first time around? Now is your chance to see these POWFest favorites on the big screen once again!

Friday, August 23th, 7pm
Homegrown Doc Fest & An Evening with Beth Harrington ~ presented by NW Doc
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Saturday, August 24th, 7pm
Best short documentaries 2008 ~ presented by POWFest
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I Always Do My Collars First (25 mins):  I Always Do My Collars First follows four dynamic Cajun women in Southwestern Louisiana as they go about their daily lives while telling and showing us what ironing means to them. Ironing is a nurturing, emotional, and learned process, transmitted from mothers to daughters; it is an activity performed with aesthetic sensibilities that connect these women to other women in their community.

Like a Ship in the Night (30 mins):  Abortion is illegal in Ireland, punishable by life imprisonment. And yet at least 8,000 women a year travel to England for abortions. They make this journey in secret and return in silence. LIKE A SHIP IN THE NIGHT follows Mary, Louise and Siobhan as they plan their journeys across the Irish sea. (Directed by Melissa Thompson)

Granny D Goes to Washington(26 mins): What happens when an 89 year old idealist decides to walk across the United States to demand that Washington lawmakers clean up their act? (Directed by Alidra Solday) http://grannyddoc.com/

Saturday August 24th, 930pm, 21+over
Best Feature Documentary 2008 ~ presented by POWFest
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Sync or Swim (90 mins): A splashy look at a marginal sport: U.S.A.’s top synchronized swimmers endure rigorous training and overcome unthinkable obstacles to compete for Olympic glory. (Directed by Cheryl Furjanic)  http://www.synchromovie.com/

Sunday, August 25th, 7pm
Young Voices, New Visions & Celebrating Life on Two Wheels ~ presented by NW Doc
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Monday, August 26th, 7pm
Best of POWFest 2012 (short films) ~ presented by POWFest
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10,000 Trees (21 mins): To some, age is only a number; 85-year-old Victor Kaufmann embraces this philosophy as he reaches the milestone of planting his 10,000th tree.  http://10ktreesdocumentary.com/

An Ordinary Life (27 mins): Dot Fisher-Smith is a mystical masterful artist, a war resister, an environmental activist, a jailbird. As a great-grandmother, she chained her neck to a log truck to protest salvage logging of old growth forest. Is her life as ordinary as she claims it to be? This moving documentary is an intimate portrait of life and death through the eyes of 82-year-old Dot. http://anordinarylifethemovie.com/

Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000 (30 mins): Can one person truly make a difference? Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000 tells the inspiring story of how a remarkable woman saved a dying river–for herself, for the community and for future generations–and became an environmental hero honored by the United Nations. http://www.workof1000.org/

Monday, August 26
th, 930pm, 21+over

Best of POWFest 2013 ~ presented by POWFest
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From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe (78 mins): Three Zimbabwean women, chosen by their villages to go to America to sell their baskets at the world’s largest folk art market, embark upon the universal quest for prosperity.  Will they succeed? What is success anyway?  Without ever leaving Zimbabwe, our heroines repeatedly encounter the schism between first-world expectations and third-word capacity.  The differences in language, living standards, socio-political structures and the notion of time often seem irreconcilable. Yet, when the canyon between their world and ours appears widest, our shared humanity sparkles, thanks to the bridge built by our heroines’ humor, creativity and courage. http://www.fromzimbabwetosantafe.com/

Tuesday, August 27th, 7pm

Best of POWFest 2010 ~ presented by POWFest
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Stages (82 mins):
 STAGES is a moving and surprisingly funny verite exploration of the unexpected power of the simple act of storytelling. Over twenty weeks, a group of older Puerto Rican women and inner-city youth unite in New York City’s oldest community center to create an original play out of the stories of their lives. Weaving together themes of immigration, evolution, aging and coming of age, Stages offers an intimate portrait of an unlikely ensemble, transformed by the liberating power of their own stories– first as they are spoken across generations, and later when they are performed for a sold-out show. (Directed by twelve members of the award winning Meerkat Media Collective.) http://meerkatmedia.org/2010/04/stages/

Tuesday August 27th, 930pm, 21+over

Best of POWFest 2011 ~ presented by POWFest

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Return (32 mins): 1969, when Fred Sondermann is presented with the opportunity to return to his native Germany, thirty years after he and his parents narrowly escaped to the United States just days before the outbreak of WWII, he said yes. Dr. Sondermann, a Jew and a political science professor at Colorado College, with his wife and three children traveled to Germany for four months. And though the trip is ostensibly professional in purpose, Sondermann is affected most deeply by the return to his childhood hometown, Horn. This first-person narrative, adapted from Sondermann’s memoirs of the trip, walks the viewer through the experience, contemplating victimization, the nature of blame, the appropriate issuance of forgiveness, and the determination to move forward unburdened by ghosts of the past.

Surviving (43 mins): A daughter tries to redefine her relationship with her aging mother, a Holocaust survivor. (Directed by Lori Petchers)


Wednesday, August 28th, 7pm
Retrospective & Adventure Filmmaking ~ presented by NW Doc
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Thursday, August 29th, 7pm

In Process & Keeping Portland Weird ~ presented by NW Doc
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Friday August 30th, 7pm

Featured Guest, Award Winning Director–Ondi Timoner ~ presented by POWFest
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We Live in Public (90 mins): Ten years in the making and culled from 5,000 hours of footage, We Live in Public takes a look through the eyes of “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”, the artist, futurist, and visionary, Josh Harris, to reveal the effects of the web on our society. Director Ondi Timoner won the 2009 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for this riveting and cautionary tale of what to expect as the virtual world takes control of our lives. http://www.interloperfilms.com/

Friday August 30th, 930pm, 21+over
Featured Guest, Award Winning Director–Ondi Timoner ~ presented by POWFest

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DIG! (107 mins): In 1996 Anton Newcombe and his band, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, were hell-bent on staging a revolution in the music industry alongside their friends, the Dandy Warhols. While Anton’s creative psychosis bred original art, his journeys to the remote areas of the human mind destroyed every opportunity for financial success. While the Brian Jonestown Massacre forged a path of destruction, the more ‘well-adjusted’ Warhols, led by Courtney Taylor, navigated the corporate sea, maintaining their creative edge while starring in mega-budget music videos and playing to packed stadiums. DIG! won the 2004 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for capturing both musicians’ love and obsession, gigs and recording, arrests and death threats, uppers and downers – and how choices between art and commerce unfold. Shot over seven years and culled from 1,500 hours of footage, DIG! follows Newcombe and Taylor’s descent from star crossed friends to bitter rivals as their bands’ choices over how to express their creativity and originality in a profit-driven industry put them at irreconcilable odds. Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Documentary, Bend Film Festival Jury Prize for Best Director, Permanent Collection of MoMa. http://www.interloperfilms.com/


Ondi Timoner
has the rare distinction of winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival twice. Her 2004 doc, DIG!, about the collision of art & commerce through the star-crossed rivalry between the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre — and her 2009 top prize-winner, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, about Internet visionary Josh Harris, who showed by example how willingly we will trade our privacy and in the virtual age– were both acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for their permanent collection. Her other features include Join Us (2007), The Nature of the Beast (1994), and COOL IT (2010). Ondi is currently directing and producing a web-channel called A TOTAL DISRUPTION, about the invisible superheroes who are innovating with technology to transform our lives permanently (www.atotaldisruption.com). She also produces and hosts BYOD, a weekly talk show, in which Ondi interviews the leaders in doc film making in discussions about their work. http://www.interloperfilms.com/

Friday August 30th, 1130pm – 100am, 21+over 
Please join us for 2013 Summer Documentary Series After Party Friday August 30th following the screening of DIG! Grab a cannoli from Cibo, a Fat Tire from New Belgium, enjoy tunes from DJ Rescue (Zia McCabe) and celebrate with us!

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POWFest is reaching out to the Westside! We have received several requests to host programming  on Portland’s Westside and are happy to be part of The Mission Theater’s “Assembly” programming! Called “The Assembly,” the Mission Theater now features film screenings with related lectures, interviews, and performances that bring cinema to life. The Assembly’s primary mission – engaging audiences with events that are both enriching and entertaining – has few boundaries. http://www.mcmenamins.com/210-mission-theater-home