2015 Laurels  2015 Films by Category

*director in attendance

Narrative & Documentary Features

The Sisterhood of Night* ~ Directed by Caryn Waechter
plays with a special screening of The Punishing Business* ~ Directed by Heather Harlow

Mentor ~ Directed by Alix Lambert
plays with, The Little Violinist* ~ Directed by Yang Wang

States of Grace* ~ Directed by Helen S. Cohen & Mark Lipman

Obvious Child ~ Directed by Gillian Robespierre, screening at The Clinton Street Theater

I Believe in Unicorns* ~ Directed by Leah Meyerhoff

CITIZENFOUR ~ Directed by Laura Poitras

Shorts Programs

Shorts I: Quirky

5 Tropi Na Pethaneis (5 Ways to Die) ~ Directed by Daina Papadaki
Pigeon ~ Directed by Faye McNeil
No One’s Ready for That
~ Directed by Jesi Kinnevan & Debra Mategrano
B-Flat ~ Directed by Mariana Youssef
Lines ~ Directed by Amy Jo Johnson
Snowflakes* ~ Directed by Laura Valladao
The Real Zombie Housewives ~ Directed by Kathy Luu
Lunchbox Loser* ~ Directed by Virginia Abramovich

Shorts II: Dark Tales

Job Interview ~ Directed by Julia Walter
Greece* ~ Directed by Sarah Deakins
Up on the Roof ~ Directed by Nour Wazzi
reCuiem ~ Directed by Valentina Carnelutti
Mont D’Or ~ Directed Karen Vazquez Guadarrama
American Gladiators* ~ Directed by Lara Gallagher

Shorts III: Animation & Experimental

Zombie Fairy* ~ Directed by Temris Ridge
Locked ~ Directed by Madaline Barwegen
Acadian Nights* ~ Directed by Peggy Weiss
Touch the Moon ~ Directed by Phoebe Ching Ying Man
PAS ~ Directed by Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard
The Wires ~ Directed by Tatiana Moshkova & Marina Moshkova
Sea Front ~ Directed by Claire Lamond
The Bird House* ~ Directed by Mina Arai
The Last Leaf* ~ Directed by Gwyneth Christoffel
Move for Freedom* ~ Directed by Janique L. Robillard and Sydney Skov
We Burn Daylight* ~ Directed by Kathleen Bryson & Gwynfryn Thomas
Found* ~ Directed by Teresa Drilling

Shorts IV: 2014 AFI Directing Workshop for Women Showcase 

Head Trauma ~ Directed by Kristine Namkung
The Inheritance ~ Directed by Anne Hamilton
Jenny & Lalo ~ Directed by Janine Salinas Schoenberg
Kepler X-47 ~ Directed by Erin Li
The Night is Ours~ Directed by Aubree Bernier-Clarke
Sutures* ~ Directed by Tiffanie Hsu
Wild & Precious* ~ Directed by Cusi Cram
You Me & Her ~ Directed by Sarah Doyle

Shorts V: Feel Good Docs

Rodeo Dog* ~ Directed by Rebecca Hynes
Pie Lady of Pie Town* ~ Directed by Jane Rosemont
Luchadora* ~ Directed by River Finlay
Sticky ~ Directed by Jilli Rose
Cash Mob for Avi ~ Directed by Liz Morrison

Shorts VI: Youth / POWGirls Showcase

Behind The Scenes at POWGirls*~ Directed by MetroEast Community Media
POWGirls 1 / Great Expectations*
~ Directed by POWGirls 2015
Object Head ~ Directed by Chloe Frank, Yasaman Ford, Stella Maselli, Scarlett Maselli & Gabriella Shaffer
Alice ~ Directed by Min jeong Jo
Dear Family ~ Directed by Sarah Lew
Society Today ~ Directed by Annika Campbell, Jayden Kael, Maya Condes, Jocelyn Hernandez
Tough Guise ~ Directed by Margaret Corn
Flawless ~ Directed by Clarissa Lam, Samantha Ceja, Charlotte Puscasiu, Norma Anaya, Jenna Tessler & Grace Charron
The Waiting Game ~ Directed by Maria Alvarez
Super Date ~ Directed by Sasha Fox
Home Cooking ~ Directed by Elizabeth Herrick
Lilly’s Big Day ~ Directed by Maezy, Medina & Zaiyah Dennie, and Berlin, Ocean & Sol Demuth
Filtered ~ Directed by Anna Morris, Mariah Papy, Sydney Torrens, Amy Struthers & Abigail Werner
Indecisions* ~ Directed by Hope Alexander
Speed Bumps ~ Directed by Abbey Sacks
Nikolai and the Butterfly* ~ Directed by Stephanie Delazeri
Connie ~ Directed by Abbey Sacks
POWGirls 2 / Words of Wisdom*~ Directed by POWGirls 2015