In an old house, a metal bird sits at it’s perch pecking a bowl full of needles. The needles scatter across the floor and take us on a journey through different stages of the bird’s life.
Abstract images show humans slaughtering, consuming, and caging birds. An old woman in a dilapidated kitchen chops up dead chickens with a large rusty knife, before dumping the organs and viscera into a bloodstained bucket. An emotionless groundskeeper buries a bloody sack in a secluded garden. A stern looking butler hangs a bird cage in an old fashioned country house. A young metal bird sits on the perch within. The camera drifts up an old wooden staircase and into the bedroom of an ill looking girl. She has a roasted chicken on a plate, which she is sticking needles into. She becomes more sick with every needle she sticks in, eventually going into convulsions and dying. Feathers rain down on her. We now revisit the metal bird from the beginning of the film. It is now severely rusted and unable to peck at it’s bowl of needles. The film ends as it’s joints grind to a halt.


About the Director:

Born in Tokyo, Mina studied filmmaking in the UK. After graduating she went to Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival with her graduate work”A Dream in the Forest”. She went back to tokyo, now she is making series of short clay animation with Joe Anderson as Cardboard City Films.