• Directed By: Kathy Luu
  • Australia / 6 MIN
  • Screening: Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 9:30 PM
  • Screens in Shorts I: Quirky (mature themes)
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre
  • Sponsored By: Zip Car and Canine Productions

With the zombie pandemic sweeping through our nations, turning housewives into zombies, here for the first time we get a chance to get up close and personal to interview some of these decomposing ladies. In this mini documentary we find out what these zombie housewives are going through and that perhaps there is more to them behind all that rotting flesh.


About the Director:

Kathy Luu was born in Sydney to refugee parents who eloped for love and freedom. She currently works as an actor/casting director/photographer while making films. Passionate about people, relationships, tea, comedy, and women hearts – she continues her parents quest for love and freedom.