2016 Shorts I: Quirky

  • Directed By: Various
  • Various / 94 mins
  • Screening: Friday, March 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm
  • Shorts I: Quirky
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

Anna in FridgeShorts I: Quirky Join us for a unique, fun, innovative, surprising and delicious films. lingering exes, science experiments gone awry and a few big sneezes–this whimsical collection of short films are sure to delight audiences.

Q&A with attending filmmakers.




Ex-Girlfiend ~ Directed by Lauren Ludwig
Girl Couch ~ Directed by Clara Altimas
Flashback ~ Directed by Shanna Micko
Vagina Bug ~ Directed by Michelle Dyer
My Kingdom ~ Directed by Debra Solomon
Bionic Girl ~ Directed by Stephanie Cabdevila
No Breath Play ~ Directed by Stacey Ashworth
Cassette ~ Directed by Mawrgan Shaw, Scott Burgess & the Darius Family
Calendar Girls ~ Directed by Lisa Birke
Yo, yo la cucaracha ~ Directed by María Marta Linero & Eva Benitez
Roksana ~ Directed by Shaina Pakravan
Mostly 1 Minute Movie Reviews ~ Directed by Kia Anne Geraths