2016 Shorts II: Dark Tales

  • Directed By: Various
  • Various / 110 mins
  • Screening: Friday, March 4, 2016 at 9:00 pm
  • Shorts II: Dark Tales
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

SUB ROSA 1Shorts II: Dark Tales (mature themes)  A collection of short films that hit hard on the darker side of the human experience.

Q&A with attending filmmakers. For mature audiences.




Lillstrumpa & Systerdyster ~ Directed by Ida Thomasdotter
Sub Rosa ~ Directed by Thora Hilmarsdottir
Two Dollar Bill ~ Directed by Hannah Marks
Vessels ~ Directed by Arkasha Stevenson
The Aquarium ~ Directed by Jacobie Gray
Willa ~ Directed by Helena Hufnagel
Estela ~ Directed by Joacenith Vargas
Sormeh ~ Directed by Azadeh Ghochagh