LisaBirke_CalendarGirls02A humorous spectacle reveals the fallacy of the selfie and challenges the viewer’s preconceived expectations while restoring the humanity of the stripped-down “calendar girl.” “Calendar Girls” is a characteristically irreverent performance piece conceived, filmed and edited unassisted by the artist. A dozen split screens impart vignettes (captured over the course of 12 months) of the artist in absurd dance scenes set against striking natural backdrops of the Canadian wilderness. Each “Month” wears a different form of head-covering—lampshade, cooking pot, nylon stocking, flower pot, pylon, etc. Regardless, the show must go on. In short order, a supposedly playful exercise turns provocative. The work is a humorous exploration of the societal expectations of woman as aesthetic symbol and spectacle who is intrinsically at home in nature.


LisaBirke_headshot_30cm_cmyk_printLisa Birke is an award winning video artist. She examines notions of ‘self’ through the lens of gender, bringing problematic tropes into focus. Absurd performances in the Canadian landscape become entangled in nuanced narratives that make reference to art history, mythology and popular culture.