Seed-and-Spark-logo-635Why you should be crowdfunding a portion of your budget for every film

The only proven path to independence as an artist is a direct connection to your audience! Crowdfunding is becoming a fundamental piece of most financing plans for independent film. However, many filmmakers miss the opportunity to turn their film funding campaigns into audience-building opportunities that can last an entire career — and provide the groundwork for distribution that the filmmaker controls. This class for film-related projects will provide the crowdfunding action plan most likely to create a lasting, flourishing, direct relationship with your audience. (Fun Stat: Attendees who have run Seed&Spark campaigns have a 100% success rate!)

JKeckHeadshotJulie Keck is the newest member of the Seed&Spark team. She joined as their Community Manager in January of 2016 with 10 years of filmmaking and 5 of crowdfunding under her belt. Julie has run or consulted on crowdfunding projects that have raised over $300k total, and she’s spoken about social media for creatives, sustainable filmmaking, and audience engagement at SXSW, the University of Notre Dame, the Chicago International Film Festival, and more. Julie is also co-author of Social Media Charm School, a social media guide for filmmakers, available now for free on the Seed&Spark site. Play with her on Twitter at @SeedAndSpark or @KingIsAFink.