Flashback Still 1Flashback is a comedic series that brings to life hilarious, embarrassing, shocking TRUE stories from childhood and adolescence through interviews and re-enactments. In this first episode, “The Big Sneeze,” Lisa tells the story of the time in 1976 that her parents gave her a sex education book that described orgasms as feeling as good as a big sneeze. The book briefly mentioned how you could give yourself these “big sneezes” through masturbation. Intrigued, Lisa began to “big sneeze” herself daily. Things were great until she realized that her picture of Jesus was on her bedside table, watching her every move.


Shanna Micko headshotShanna is an actor, writer, and director living in LA. She is an alum of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and iO West. She is the creator of the comedy web series Leaving Bliss, has a masters degree in writing from USC, and is the co-founder of the LA-based film group Just F$*!ing Shoot.