10917134_10155162536395151_1910531347655905568_nGirl Couch is a satire, exploring commodified feminism and bandwagon activism. Girl Couch also happens to be the name of the fictional women’s talk show created and hosted by “Meredith”, a caricature of celebrity philanthropy. Meredith tackles the latest lady inspired hot topics, without having any point of view, journalistic skills, or much interest further than plugging her product of the moment in the name of, “it’s for women!” We meet Meredith while taping her show, which seemingly feels just like any other. It is bit different however, because little does she know, her guests will be stirring things up more than usual. By some miracle, (and clearly a very persuasive booking agent), six historical figures from the past (yes, deceased) appear on the show to take part in Girl Couch. French intellectual Simone de Beauvoir, iconic actress Sarah Bernhardt, civil rights leader and journalist Ida B. Wells, third prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi, and chemist Marie Curie take a seat on the Girl Couch, offering up a hilarious contrast to Meredith’s pastel, fluffy outlook on what is means to be a woman and an engaged citizen of the world.


HEADSHOT1Girl Couch is Clara Altimas’ directorial debut. Clara is an actress and writer stemming from Montreal, currently living and working in Toronto. Girl Couch was selected as the winning screenplay by the Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee (TAWC) in their recent Toolkit 2.0 competition.