Pulling Up Roots“Pulling Up Roots” is the emotional journey of a woman navigating the tenuous strain between the past and the future. Filmed in an abandoned housing project in Western Ireland, she uproots exotic plants and flowers, as one might collect stories and memories one can’t understand. From a playful skip around the yard, to a moment where profound sadness gives way to unexpected laughter, she explores and entire lifetime of emotions in mere minutes.




Cecelia Condit C-UCecelia Condit is an artist whose work addresses the fears and displacement that exist between our selves and society, our selves and the natural world. Condit has shown internationally in festivals, museums and alternative spaces and is represented in collections including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and Centre Georges Pompidou Musee National d’Art Moderne, Paris, France. She has received numerous awards including grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, American Film Institute, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Mary L. Nohl Foundation. She is currently a professor in the Department of Film, Video, Animation and New Genres at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA