Laneice looks onSista in the Brotherhood is a 20 minute dramatic film about a tradeswoman named Laneice, played by Sidony O’neal, struggling to prove herself on her first day at a new job site. An outlier in a white, male-dominated workforce, she’s forced to navigate the crew’s reactions to her. When tensions rise, she receives inspiration from a surprising source to help her decide to either make a stand or risk never being recognized as the skilled worker she has become. The film brings to light the experience of many women of color and women working in a male dominated industry like construction.  It was inspired by the doctoral thesis of Co-Executive Producer, Dr. Roberta Hunte, entitled “My Walk Has Never Been Average: Black Tradeswomen Negotiating Intersections of Race and Gender In Long Term Careers in The United States”” and directed by Latina, journey-level carpenter/filmmaker, Dawn Jones Redstone. The original script was written by Dawn Jones Redstone and Kjerstin Johnson.


Dawn Jones Redstone HeadshotDawn Jones Redstone is an award-winning filmmaker and owner of Hearts+Sparks Productions in Portland, Oregon.  As an artist, she is fascinated by stories of personal transformation and committed to promoting women and people of color in film. She’s also a journey-level carpenter.