• Directed By: Rebecca Celsi
  • USA / 4 mins
  • Screening: Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 4:30 pm
  • Screening in Shorts V: POWGirls / Youth Showcase
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

IMG_3528In six-year-old Mia’s garden, ordinary insects and birds coexist with far stranger creatures, hidden in plain sight: tiny dragons cleverly camouflaged as bees, butterflies, and more. It takes an act of kindness for Mia to realize her garden is a home for them, and as she helps them survive, they in turn show her wonder and magic she’s never seen before, inspiring her to keep watching the world around her. Stop-motion animated using a unique method utilizing light and translucency to create a vivid summer landscape. Entirely created by Rebecca Celsi, age 15.



FullSizeRender (2)Rebecca Celsi, at 15 years old, is the director, writer, editor, sole animator, and producer of The Summer Dragons. She attends Grant High school in Portland, Oregon, and is an aspiring scientist with a serious hobby of animation. She created the film over the course of a year.