• Directed By: Alice Guy-Blaché
  • USA / 40
  • Screening: Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 6:00 pm
  • Screens with HYPOCRITES
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

ocean waifTHE OCEAN WAIF is a romantic story, in which Millie (Doris Kenyon), an innocent young woman, washes up on the shore of a fishing village. She is taken in by an abusive man, who beats her and forces her to work as a drudge. She finds safety and eventually love in the arms of a famous novelist. This parody of the Pygmalion-type love story gives equal screen time to each lover’s point of view, and skewers conventional class tropes. THE OCEAN WAIF survives as a fragment of the original and suffers from some nitrate decomposition. However the skill of Alice Guy-Blache’ shines through.



Alice_GuyAlice Guy-Blaché (July 1, 1873 – March 24, 1968) was the first female pioneer in early French cinema. She is revered as the first female director and writer of narrative fiction films, and is seen as a great visionary who experimented with Gaumont’s Chronophone sound syncing system, color tinting, interracial casting, and special effects. For more information about this amazing director, check out wikipedia.








DonnaVDMDonna Parker, a native of Los Angeles, California, began her organ studies at the age of 7. Four years later she was introduced to the theatre organ and, at thirteen, began her classical organ instruction with Richard Purvis, Organist and Master of Choristers Emeritus and Honorary Canon of San Francisco’s famed Grace Cathedral. Donna made her first recording at the age of 15 and has been touring globally ever since, much to the delight of sports audiences, diners and concert-goers.

In addition to playing, Donna has actively promoted the theatre pipe organ art form, appearing on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt, PM Magazine, and numerous entertainment news spots. She has conducted master classes nationally and abroad, and has worked with public school districts to incorporate this all-American art form into their music history curriculum. In 1996 Donna was honored by being named Organist of the Year by the American Theatre Organ Society. She was elected to serve on the international board of directors of the ATOS for six years, where she headed the scholarship committee that assisted students studying theatre organ. After a hiatus, she once again served on the board for an additional six years. She was the Publisher of Theatre Organ–the official journal publication of the American Theatre Organ Society, for several years. She currently serves as a core faculty member of the ATOS Summer Youth Adventure, and is the ATOS Membership Secretary. Donna also manages a limited private teaching and coaching schedule as well, and serves as organist at The Grotto and St. Clare Church, both in Portland.

Donna also served on the Board of Directors for the International Youth Silent Film Festival, a non-profit organization that offers the opportunity for filmmakers under the age of 20 to create a modern version of silent film, and see it on the big screen with live accompaniment.