MetropolisWhere does culture come from? Is it based on the facts of history or the collective imagination? How do people preserve their culture over time? How do they pass it on? Through the pairing of image and voice, Traversed seeks to answers these questions within the “borders” of a country that has seen the rise of fall of empires, while struggling to maintain its identity. From vast primordial landscapes, ancient churches, and rural villages, to industrial factories left over from the Soviet era, to modern cities that are growing and changing by the minute, Traversed is a portrait of a place and a people – and how they have changed over time.



Emzo in Van_3I am a local of the PNW, Armenian by heritage, and an adventurer by nature. My films meditate on questions of Place, Identity, History, and how we Experience them. I have explored places like Armenia, Turkey, & India; following eccentric rollerbladers, child police, a young jazz prodigy and more.