VB Image 120-something Edith attends a baby shower with an all too perfect presentation, intimidated by the collection of veneered women and their accounts of babies, husbands, travel, and other markers of what is supposed to be the desired lifestyle. They talk and eat, oblivious to the absurdity of the entire event, which comes across as more of a giant pinterest post than anything else. Edith struggles with the stifling and unrealistic expectation of women today as her own anxieties push their way to the surface. She scurries away in private, unable to stop her “vagina bug” from emerging. As Edith reconciles who she is with how she fits in the world, this shocking transformation defines her own self-acceptance. And one other woman there, the guest of honor, recognizes a universal struggle in Edith. A final guest arrives late to the event, unaware of the indescribable experience that just transpired. As she picks up on some sense of isolation, her own anxieties begin to push their way to the surface.


photo 1-18 copyMichelle graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2008 with a BMA in Film and Video and is currently working hard to complete her Masters in Counseling and Art Therapy. In all of her work, she hopes to create unique opportunities to support women in film.