2017 Films by Category

*director in attendance

Guest of Honor ~ Cheryl Dunye*

The Watermelon Woman*
Black is Blue*
The Owls*

Narrative & Documentary Features

Beware the Slenderman* – Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky
This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous – Directed by Barbara Kopple
In The Radiant City* – Directed by Rachel Lambert
The Revival: Women & the Word – Directed by Sekiya Dorsett
Out Of Order – Directed by Amanda Bluglass  / plays with Escaping Agra – Directed by Pallavi Somusetty
The View From Tall – Directed by Caitlin Parrish & Erica Weiss / plays with Virgin Territory* – Directed by Emily Robinson
Muerte es Vida (Death is Life) – Directed by Ali Alvarez  / plays with Barbarian Press* – Directed by Sarah Race

Shorts Programs

Shorts I: Quirky

Swipe Right – Directed by Kendall Goldberg
I Love Your Cosplay* – Directed by Kia Anne Geraths
Fanny Pack– Directed by Uttera Singh
Eyebrows: A New Perspective* – Directed by LeeAnne Lowry & Hannah Bilau
Spectratta* – Directed by Susan Maughlin Wood
The First Smile After – Directed by Zahra Jafari
Cycle – Directed by Isabelle Sieb
I Love Pus* – Directed by Brenan Dwyer
Hole – Directed by Qian Zhuang
Heads or Tails – Directed by Eva von Schweinitz
The Kara Morgan Show* – Directed by Kara Morgan
Almost Fifty* – Directed by Lorin Davis

Shorts II: Dark Tales

I Should Have Run – Directed by Gabriela Staniszewska
The Ravens – Directed by Jennifer Perrott
Lola Still Dances* – Directed by Ana Mancera
Black Cat – Directed by Leonie Savvides
The Missing Knife – Directed by Bella Monticelli
Min Kusin Klara* – Directed by Aviva Neuman

Shorts III: Family Drama

In a Warm Dark Place* – Directed by Sydney Waltz
Sisters -Directed by Natasha Merkulova
Rosario – Directed by Marlén Ríos-Farjat
Sophie* – Directed by Alexandra (Alle) Hsu
The Old – Directed by CHO Eun-young

Shorts IV: Expressions of Love

Gliese 667: The Mirror* – Directed by Tahereh Ahmdishad & Aidin Eftekhari
Rigamo* – Directed by Che Grayson
The Silent Man – Directed by Charlotte Colbert
Lucy In My Eyes* – Directed by Megan Park
Prudence – Directed by Angela Jude
Diane From The Moon – Directed by Hanna Ladoul & Marco La Via

Shorts V: Animation & Experimental Showcase

Girl* – Directed by Leah R. Brown
For Keeps: Lchiile – Directed by
Adam* – Directed by Evelyn Jane Ross
Vicarious* – Directed by Danna Grace Windsor
Fire, Water, Air – Directed by Anne Murat & David Bart
Apotheosis* – Directed by Jane Rosemont
Back to My Body – Directed by Gaëlle Hannebicque
Birthday Suit – Directed by Gabrielle Lenhard
Bound – Directed by Monica Thomas
Aftermath – Directed by Layla Atkinson
Cacophony – Directed by Melody AiHsuan Shih
Decision – Directed by Mary Jo (MJ) Zefeldt
Artemis – Directed by Heather D. Freeman

Shorts VI: Youth / POWGirls Showcase

Glazing Saddles / POWGirls* – Directed by Paige Stewart, Ann Hanlinn, Laura Scully, Noelia Arellano & Lila Metcalf
One Day on Carver St. – Directed by Azure Allen
Empowered Streets / Produced by Her* – Directed by Yadira Baltier-Moreno, Maria Martin, Nina Jackson & Ramaya Wright-Wilson
A Deeper Meaning / Camp Reel Stories* – Directed by Grace Davies Macy Matheny Lilli Armstrong Sophie Rodriguez-Bell Francesca Arrigoni  & Kate Barr Kelly
Edna Vazquez: Psicodelica / POWGirls* – Directed by Dariana Arely, Ann Hanlin, Raine Shank, Sydney Spaeth and Paige Stewart
#skinoutspeakout* – Directed by Avery Kim
4242 – Directed by Sara Eustaquio
We are Black Women / Produced by Her*– Directed by Gloria Joseph, Chaltu Ali & Shayla Adams
Brainwash – Directed by Hannah Gautrey
Marquis – Directed by Maya Suchak & Darian Henry
Night Shift / POWGirls* – Directed by Sadee McClennon, Shyanne Goldhammer-Levit, Irissa Johnson, Katie Brady & Sarah Bonilla
Violet Shadows / POWGirls* – Directed by Abigail Yahn, Jasmin Vazquez, Kaia Herrin, Seraphina Rayhawk & Sydney Abitz
Damsels in Distress* – Directed by Raine Bracken


Another Kind of Girl – Directed by Khaldiya Jibawi
Free to Laugh – Directed by Lara Everly
Ninera – Directed by Diane Weipert
Partners – Directed by Joey Ally
The Third Dad – Directed by Theresa Moerman Ib
Family Tale – Directed by Patricia Beckmann-Wells
Join the Club – Directed by Eva Vives
Nkosi Coiffure – Directed by Frederike Migom
The Honeys and the Bears – Directed by Veena Rao