Black Cat is an atmospheric and unconventional portrait of a teenage girl and her single father. Aila and her father are both preoccupied with darkness – Aila with black magic and her astrophysicist father with black holes. But despite their parallel nature, they can’t seem to connect. Under her father’s rule teenage Aila is weak, but her will and desire are growing.

Black magic is power and self determination in a world she can’t control. Her black cat is her ally and only witness to her autonomy. When her father tries to remove the cat Aila decides to arm herself with the devil.


Leonie Savvides graduated from Australian Film Television & Radio School in 2010. Her student films screened at the Cinema Des Antipodes program of Cannes Film Festival. Leonie worked as a Director’s Assistant to Jane Campion and directed & animated the opening title sequence of Top of the Lake.