• Directed By: Yadira Baltier-Moreno, Maria Martin, Nina Jackson, Ramaya Wright-Wilson
  • USA / 7:02 mins.
  • Screening: Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 4:45pm
  • Screens In Shorts VI: Youth/POWGirls Showcase
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre
  • Sponsored By: Faerie Godmother Fund, MetroEast, Open Signal & RACC
  • producedbyher.com

Empowered Streets is about the importance of street art to the community. It aims its lens on the importance of images of women in street art and women street artists. The film features Kimberlee Pierce Sheng, Executive Director of the Black United Fund of Oregon, as she shares why she commissioned a mural on her building which focuses on the history of black women in the civil rights movement. Hidden art also features the artists from Viva La Free. Viva La Free is a Portland non profit of female artists who create public art to energize, enchant and heal our communities – they use expressive arts to process trauma. This film is a bold and colorful celebration of Portland women who are using their paint brushes to stand up for creativity, freedom and recognition for women everybody.


Yadira Baltier-Moreno and Maria Martin are students and De La Salle North Catholic High School. Nina Jackson and Ramaya Wright-Wilson are students at Beaumont Middle School.