Lola is a young girl with the dream of becoming a ballerina. Unfortunately for her, the only dancing she´s been getting is at “El Besito”, a Mexican Strip Club where she is being forced into slave work by her Pimp, Damian. Lola wants to escape, but since she is not able to do so, she dances ballet in her imagination in order to survive her harsh reality. When she is presented with an opportunity to finally leave, Lola is willing to risk it all. She manages to orchestrate a plan, and try with all her might to abandon that horrible place. Little did she know, Damian was not somebody to mess with, for he is also willing to do everything he can, to prevent Lola from doing so, even if it means messing with her family members. This is a very sad story, but it reflects a very dark reality which is slave trafficking in Mexico. Lola´s story has no happy ending, but it does state however, that no matter how awful the reality you live in is, you always have your imagination to escape it. True freedom only comes from within.



Ana Mancera is a Mexican writer-director based in Mexico City. She distinguishes because of her work with actors, and is currently studying techniques such as Lucid Body in NYC and Voice Dialogue method with director Luis Mandoki. Currently, she is developing her feature script, and a TV Series.