• Directed By: Azure Allen
  • USA / 3:38 mins
  • Screening: Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 4:45pm
  • Screens In Shorts VI: Youth/POWGirls Showcase
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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre
  • Sponsored By: Faerie Godmother Fund, MetroEast, Open Signal & RACC

Using hand drawn animation at 12 frames per second, One Day on Carver Street tells the story of Charlie’s Place and its owner, Charlie Fitzgerald. Charlie’s Place was a stop on the famous Chitlin’ Circuit, and hosted the hottest musicians of the day. In the post-war Jim Crow south, Charlie’s Place was a rare pocket of diversity in a world where the lines between black & white were firmly drawn. Charlie’s Place gave birth to the state dance of South Carolina, the Shag. Charlie Fitzgerald and the music he brought to Carver Street inspired many people regardless of color to come together. This simple act of dissent angered some people who would be driven to violence to stop it.


I am a 16 year old home schooled, self-taught, animator, musician & writer based in Myrtle Beach, SC. When I was 8 years old I began doing stop motion animation with my v-tech play camera, and I have been enamored by the craft ever since.