POWFest Filmmakers FAQ’s

Travel and Accommodations

Where can I stay while in Portland?

Festival participants are eligible for a discount at POWFest’s partner hotel, The Hotel deLuxe!

Guests of the POWfest 2017 group will receive a discounted rate of $149.00 on King deLuxe rooms starting immediately. This discount will be available until either the agreed allotment of rooms are all reserved, or the cut-off date of February 13th, 2017 arrives.  After February 13th, 2017, any additional reservation requests made will be made on a case-by-case basis and may not receive the group discount.

To reserve your room at the discounted rate, please see below

What is the best way to get to my hotel from the airport?

If you are planning on attending POWFest in March, please complete this travel and events form.  On the form you can indicate if you would like a POWFest representative to pick you up from the airport when you arrive. There are also several rental car options and the MAX light rail system if that is more your style. If you have questions, you can always email jane@powfest.com for support.

I would love to attend the festival, but don’t have the necessary resources. Is there any available financial assistance for filmmakers?

We would truly love for you to attend the festival and will do whatever we can to make the trip manageable for you. While we cannot provide airfare, we can offer discounted hotel rooms with our partner hotel and discounts on local transportation. To connect in person and discuss options, please contact  jane@powfest.com.

Once I’m in Portland, what is the best way to get around the city?

There are several options for traveling around Portland including our great public transportation system (TriMet), as well as taxis and ride share services.  You can also check out the Portland Bureau of Transportation for information about bike routes and maps.

What other cool things can I do and see while I’m in Portland?

There is so much to do in Portland! For an overview of some choices, check out these great local resources:

Travel Portland
Yelp Portland
PDX Pipeline
Underground Portland Walking Tour
Dave Knows Portland
Portland Monthly
Willamette Week
Portland Mercury
Pedal Bike Tours
PQ Monthly

I filled out the form, but my plans have changed!  What do I do?

No worries!  Just email jane@powfest.com and let her know!

Screening and Promoting Your Film

My film has been accepted to POWFest. Now what do I need to do?

Please complete all information on the POWFest 2017 Filmmaker Information Form by January 27, 2017 to ensure that we have everything required to screen your film.

What formats can my presentation copy be?

For feature films and shorts that are screening with a feature film, The Hollywood Theatre provides one of the widest choices in screener format. Here is the list:

  • DVD
  • BluRay
  • DCP
  • 35mm (reel-to-reel and platters)
  • 16mm

For short films in a shorts showcase, we will create a compilation disc to play during the festival. To ensure your film looks its best, please use WeTransfer or your preferred service to send an Apple ProRes or AVID DNxHD file to jane@powfest.com. Please DO NOT send H.264 or .MPG files, PAL, 25 fps video or DCP.

ProRes versions should be LT (not HQ) which makes them much smaller file size but without a sacrifice of quality.

What if I can’t export my short film into one of the file formats listed above?

A lossless codec like Apple ProRes or Avid DnxHD are truly the best way to go. Anyone with Final Cut Pro, Premiere (on a mac), Final Cut X or Avid should be able to export it in those formats. If h.264 is the only option then a high bitrate vbr 8mbps file should look ok.

How do I send you my presentation copy?

We can accept files via WeTransfer or similar services. If you want to mail your presentation copy, please send a DVD that our editor can rip and place into the program. Also, please label whether or not it is 16×9 anamorphic, 4×3 full frame or 4×3 letterbox. If there have been any recent updates to your film, please send us the latest version.

The Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival, LLC
1526 NE Alberta St. #110
Portland, Oregon 97211

What should I provide as press screeners?

We provide as much information as we can gather for our local press. Please provide a link and password to your film by FEBRUARY 1, 2017. We need these for press so they can review your film ahead of time.


Will I lose quality in my short film by submitting the screener as a DVD to be ripped?

There will be no quality loss! REX is a top quality post production facility. The DVD content you submit is extracted to a file that is exactly byte for byte the same as the original when the DVD was made. That is then put into a new DVD authoring project with no re-encoding done (re-encoding would waste time and degrade the image).

Here are some other considerations:

Bitrate should not exceed 7mbps for video. Only discs made for replication should be near the DVD maximum spec of 10mbps for video to avoid skipping. A VBR encode should be set around 6mbps. And please, no CBR (constant bit rate) encoding.

What else do I need to provide?

IMPORTANT: Please complete all information on the POWFest 2017 Filmmaker Information form by January 27, 2017 to ensure that we have everything required to screen your film (travel info, synopsis, photos, etc.).

If you are planning to attend POWFest, please also complete the POWFest 2017 Travel and Events Form so we can make sure we have everything ready for your arrival.

How can I help promote my screening and POWFest?

Make sure to like us on Facebook and tag Portland Women’s Film Festival or #powfest2017 in posts. We are also at @POWFest on Twitter and @powfest on Instagram. You can also find us on Pinterest!

Can I get laurels for my website/graphics?

Indeed! Here they are!

The Festival and Special Events

Are free tickets one of the perks?

Yes! As a filmmaker accepted into the 2017 festival, you will receive 2 festival passes – one filmmaker pass and one guest pass. You will receive an additional 10 tickets to your screening.

Who attends the Directors’ Breakfast?

The Directors’ Breakfast is ONLY for the directors of films accepted into the festival. We work very hard to provide a private setting in which our directors can share conversations.

What other events will be going on?

As an attending filmmaker, you will have many opportunities to connect with fellow filmmakers, your audience, the press, and so much more.

If you’re attending, here are the events we’re planning, outside of the Q&A portions after your scheduled films – you can find some information on the web site too. Your festival pass will be your ticket to get in.

  • Friday: Education Panels
  • Saturday Morning: Director’s Breakfast (filmmakers only)
  • Sunday Evening: LUNAFEST/Closing Night Reception

Other Important Information

What sizes do POWFest T-Shirts come in?

Tenth Anniversary POWFest T-Shirts are available in V-Neck from Small to 4X.  If you have questions on availability and specific sizing requirements please contact jane@powfest.com.

How accessible is the festival?

Most 2016 festival screenings and events are located on the ground floor of the Hollywood Theatre (accessibility details).  The educational seminars on Friday and Sunday will be held upstairs. To reach the location there are 9 stairs followed by a steep ramp with handrails. There are several available spaces in the main theatre for those who rely on wheelchairs.

While not all events and screenings will be accessible for deaf audience members, those that are subtitled and/or which offer ASL interpretation are indicated as such in the Festival Program.

Festival events are open to the public, so we cannot guarantee a scent-free environment.

Theatre seats are 21 inches across (armrest to armrest), all armrests (except for those on the aisle) are retractable. Restroom stalls are 31 inches wide, with a door with of 25 inches.  Larger stalls (ADA Compliant) are located at Atomic Pizza (two storefronts away, open until 9pm) and at POWFest sponsor the Magnolia Cafe (directly across the street, open til midnight). Hollywood Theatre has agreements with these establishments, allowing patrons to use their restrooms whenever necessary.

Restrooms at the theater are gendered; however, POWFest respects an individual’s right to gender self-identification. Non-gendered restrooms are available at Atomic Pizza (two storefronts away, open until 9pm) and at POWFest sponsor Magnolia Cafe (directly across the street, open til midnight).