POWFest and NW Documentary Education Day!

POWFest, NW Documentary and Tanji are pleased to present a set of engaging panel discussions focused on a variety of relevant and timely topics.

Friday March 3, 2017
NW Documentary
6 NE Tillamook St
Portland, OR 97212
(street parking available)
$5 / panel or $10 for all three
Free with Festival Pass


Education Day Schedule

9:00am Continental Breakfast sponsored by Tanji

9:30am – Creating & Maintaining Safe Spaces for Women’s Voices

Moderator Ana Ammann, Publisher, Oregon Music News
Carolyn Butts – African Voices & Reel Sisters of the Diaspora
December Carson – Siren Nation
Andi Zeisler – Bitch Media
Chrisse Roccaro – Actor, ARTemis


11:00am – Documentary Filmmaking in a New Political Climate

As the platform of documentary storytelling has become more and more common, there’s an urgent need to protect the right to record. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of access to information are vital whether you’re a credentialed journalist, a documentary filmmaker or a bystander with a camera. And yet, in our new political climate, these rights are being called into question. Documentary storytellers recording political injustices are being threatened with prosecution by law enforcement and government agencies. These threats are pushing these storytellers into the new role of freedom fighter, with the duty of standing on the front lines in the battle to preserve these freedoms promised in our constitution.

Join in as our panel discusses what’s at stake, why it’s important the documentary filmmaker stay vigilant and what backups and platforms can be used to ensure protection of one’s media if confiscated by law enforcement.

Moderator Courtney Herman, Assistant Professor of Film at Portland State University
Lindsey Grayzel – Documentary Filmmaker
Jodi Darby – Documentary Filmmaker
more speakers announcing soon!


1230pm – Beyond Mentoring

Over the last several decades many programs have launched specifically to help women in this business yet the statistics have not really changed according to the Celluloid Ceiling annual report. We will discuss if these programs are improving opportunities for women or creating additional barriers that women now have to go through in order to be recognized as qualified for the job

Moderator Destri Martino, creator of The Director’s List
Rachel Lambert – Director, In the Radiant City
Ellen Thomas – Education Director, NW Film Center
Janice Williams – Producer of Confirmation, Love the Coopers, and Trumbo
Alysia Reiner – Actor / Producer, Orange is The New Black, Equity
Cambria Matlow – Filmmaker. Portland Film Fatales