A Workshop with Bitterroot Media’s Ron Setzer

Sunday March 10, 2013
10am-1pm ~ The Hollywood Theatre ~ $20
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Sponsored By:  sagindie



Your film is 50% sound.  Quite simply, this workshop is designed to help you improve the sound you get on your films by breaking down audio pre-production, production & post-production processes, best practices & gear to their essential elements for the benefit of non-experts.

-Get better production audio regardless of your gear options

-Get better sound editing outcomes no matter the quality of audio you end up with



Areas that will be covered:

What does this film need audio-wise? What is my reality? What can I control?

PRODUCTION:  Getting the Sound (hands-on / gear will be available)

Camera Audio / Knowing the frame / Mics/ Mixers, Recorders, Meters, DBs & Clipping / Monitoring / Syncing – “Roll Audio”/ Room Echo, Rumble, Wind, Dead Cats & High Pass Filters / Thinking about the background, ambient sounds & matching / Room Tone & Wild Sound / File Management & Sound Log

POST PRODUCTION:  Basic Dialog Editing

Guide Track / Stacking / Checker-boarding / Heads & Tails / ADR & Foley / Stealing from other clips / Room Tone & Wild Sound / Getting Rid of Clicks & Pops / Smoothing & Sweetening

Feel free to bring any of your own your gear if you would like some help understanding it better.

About Ron Setzer


Ron Setzer resides in Portland, OR and holds an MFA in digital film making from the University of Montana.  While at UM, Ron specialized in audio for film and taught a number of production audio and sound design classes, along with non-linear editing and narrative story creation classes. Ron has also received formal training in ProTools and Sound Track Pro.  Currently, Ron is the co-owner of Bitterroot Media which provides production and post-production audio services, production audio gear rental, and videography services.  Ron is credited on many commercial, narrative short, and documentary projects including Career Opportunities in Poetry, a 2009 Best of the NW Film & Video Festival selection for narrative film, multi award-winning 2009 / 2010 feature length documentary Mississippi Queen, and multi-award winning 2012 documentary Austin Unbound.