• Directed By: Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe
  • Algeria / 27 min
  • Screening: Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 12:30 PM
  • Plays with My Long Neck
  • Tickets:

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  • Location: Hollywood Theatre

CAST IN SAND_1_2014Two women of different generations struggle for survival, happiness, and freedom in barren desert refugee camps. Najla, 24, is a passionate student and activist. Her neighbor Agaila, a wise elder and medicine woman, is her role model. Agaila helped build these camps nearly 40 years ago; Najla was born in them. Their personal struggles speak to the larger struggle of their people, painting a picture of daily life in these camps. In this makeshift home, the displaced people of Western Sahara have rebuilt life after fleeing from Morocco’s brutal occupation of their homeland, and continue to cry out for justice. Director Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe in attendance!