January 25

Shorts VI: LunaFest

Finding June ~ Directed by Anna Schumacher
Balsa Wood ~ Directed by Dominique Lecchi
Boxedora ~ Directed by Meg Smaker
Raising Ryland ~ Directed by Sarah Feeley
First World Problems ~ Directed by Hanna Maylett
Beach Flags ~ Directed by Sarah Saidan

February 22

Lords of Dogtown ~ Directed by Catherine Hardwicke

March 28

Tank Girl ~ Directed by Rachel Talalay

April 25

Encore Presentation of POWFest Quirky Shorts!

May 30

Shorts VII: Youth Showcase

Ear Buds ~ Directed by POWGirls
Sticks & Stones ~ Directed by POWGirls
Glazing Saddles ~ Directed by POWGirls
The Night Shift ~ Directed by POWGirls
Not Just a Tree ~ Directed by Reyna Colt-Lacayo, Marwaun Brooks, Mauricio Romero, Walden Smith
Human Lights ~ Directed by Emma Mills
We the Mountain, We the Sea ~ Directed by Agnieszka Kolaczynska (Agi K)
STOP. ~ Directed by Julia Retzlaff
Collision ~ Directed byAbbey Sacks
School of the Living Dead ~ Directed by Mahumanisie Winnard
Girl ~ Directed by Abbey Sacks
Finding Ellie ~ Directed by Asuka Lin
Lily’s Journey ~ Directed by Julia Elihu, Andrew Boyles, Gabrielle de Boucaud, Akeel Najimudeen, Thomas Wade
Platinum ~ Directed by Katharine So

June 27

But I’m A Cheerleader ~ Directed by Jamie Babbit

July 25

Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile ~ Directed by Norah Shapiro
plays with a special screening of Ebony Goddess: Queen of Ilê Aiyê ~ Directed by Carolina Moraes-Liu

August 22

Shorts VIII: Animation & Experimental Showcase

Kalawa ~ Directed by Sara Martin
Inertia ~ Directed by Emily Hughes
Swallowed Whole ~ Directed by Heidi Kumao
I Was A Teenage Girl Apparently ~ Directed by Lyn Elliot & Nina Frenkel
Shadow Boxer ~ Directed by Stephanie Bollag
Heroes ~ Directed by Brittany Campbell
Red Line ~ Directed by Mona Abdollahshahi
Umbrella Girl ~ Directed by Monika Norcross-Cerminara
Olilo ~ Directed by Ao Li
Overheard Among the Arthropods ~ Directed by Nancy J. Rodwan
Simon ~ Directed by Camille de Galbert
Kaleidoscope ~ Directed by Catherine Dubeau
Mirage ~ Directed by Yaya Xu

September 26

Shorts IX: Narrative Showcase

Black and Blue ~ Directed by Ciara “Cc” Allen
The Months American ~ Directed by Sofia Due Rosenzweig
The Youth ~ Directed by Dehanza Rogers
Bury Me in the Backyard ~ Directed by Ida Thomasdotter
Treasure ~ Directed by Victoria Yakubov
Last Night in Edinburgh ~ Directed by Bita Shafipour
Amishi ~ Directed by Malinda Kaur
Weekday Love ~ Directed by Gina Marie Kelly

October 24

American Psycho ~ Directed by Mary Harron

November 28

Daughters of the Forest* ~ Directed by Samantha Grant
plays with a special screening of Bihttoš ~ Directed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers

December 19

Ayanda ~ directed by Sara Blecher
a free screening in partnership with The Cascade Festival of African Films