This season’s program of selected films will compel discussion, make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings and motivate you to make a difference in your community. Incredibly diverse in style and content, LUNAFEST is united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling – by, for and about women.

The total run time of this season’s program is just under 90 minutes.


Balsa_wood-160x88BALSA WOOD by Dominique Lecchi

A light-hearted slice of life about two mixed race siblings visiting their extended Filipino family for lunch.


BeachFlag-160x88BEACH FLAGS by Sarah Saidan

A young Iranian lifeguard, determined to participate in an international competition in Australia, experiences an unexpected obstacle when a new team member arrives.


Boxeadora-160x88BOXEDORA by Meg Smaker

One woman defies Fidel Castro’s ban on female boxing to follow her dreams of Olympic glory and become Cuba’s first female boxer.


Finding_june-160x88FINDING JUNE by Anna Schumacher

Through the eyes of a deaf woman just diagnosed with breast cancer, communication’s role in understanding one another is explored.


FirstWorldP-160x88FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS by Hanna Maylett

A tired housewife loses her car in a shopping mall – sometimes problems can open a door to a whole new world.


RaisingRyland-160x88RAISING RYLAND by Sarah Feeley

An intimate look at parenting with no strings attached – a journey inside the transgender experience as lived by a six year old boy and his two loving parents.





A portion of the proceeds for this event will be donated to The Breast Cancer Fund.