On May 25, 2016, an estimated 750 students at Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene in Brooklyn, New York, purposely violated the dress code. They did so to protest unfair enforcement, sexism, racism, and the perpetuation of rape culture.

Brooklyn Tech is the largest high school in the country with approximately 5,500 students, with one of the most diverse student populations. And with this diversity, the students unified and came together with one voice; their skin out, speaking out, exercising their First Amendment rights.

What’s important is that these sentiments are not unique to Brooklyn Tech students; they are being expressed by students around the nation by people of all ages and all genders. Hopefully, this film starts the conversation to bring peaceful change.



Avery Kim is an award-winning filmmaker who led a video campaign for Paul Newell for State Assembly, has written for the Huffington Post, and helped launch the Uncommon Magazine, a multimedia publication for and by New York City teens. She has passions for international politics and social justice.