Help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000 by June 30th!

Vision Triangle


POWFest has brought you 9 seasons of women-directed films, providing visibility and community to over 656 filmmakers. Despite these efforts, Hollywood gender equity statistics are still dire, hardly budging since 1998. We are not willing to sit back and lament. We are actively implementing a new strategy that will broaden the scope of POWFest. In addition to providing visibility during festival events, we will also provide resources and strong education for women filmmakers. But we can’t accomplish this vision without strong support from people like you!


Thanks to our generous supporters over the past year, POWFest was able to set the bar high and accomplish many things.  We had a wildly successful festival with guest of honor Catherine Hardwicke (read the recap here: POWFest 2016 – That’s a wrap!), we moved to a year-round programming model with POWFest Monthly screenings, and served forty girls through POWGirls workshops, most of whom received financial support to attend.

In order to sustain our year-round programming and grow into our new education and resource-driven model, POWFest is stepping into a new arena and launching fundraising campaigns in the spring and autumn. The goal of each campaign will be $10,000 with the funds going directly to offset the costs of the festival, monthly screenings, and our growing POWGirls program. In addition, funds will directly contribute to laying the groundwork for a dynamic resource program to provide the tools, financing and educational support women need to be competitive as media creators.

Donate via our fiscal sponsor – The Hollywood Theatre

Donate via this link through our fiscal sponsor The Hollywood Theatre. Your donation will go towards sustaining the POWFest/POWGirls organization. This donation option also gives you the opportunity to receive a tax deduction letter to use in preparing your taxes.

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