Volunteer FAQ’s

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with POWFest! 

How do I sign up for shifts?

POWFest uses SignUp to make it easy for volunteers to sign up.  CLICK HERE to check out the 2017 opportunities!

If you run into trouble with SignUpCLICK HERE  to check out their really helpful FAQs.

When does POWFest take place? When are volunteer shifts?

POWFest happens annually in March. In 2017, the festival will take place from Thursday March 2nd through Sunday, March 5th. Screenings typically begin around noon and end around 11pm, and there may be special events that take place in the mornings. Volunteers will be needed at all of these events, so we will have windows ranging from around 8:00am through to about 10:00pm. To see this year’s shifts and to sign up to help please visit SignUp.

What kinds of things do volunteers do at POWFest?

Volunteers are the heart & soul of POWFest. Pretty much everything that takes place during the festival is thanks to their talents and dedication. Jobs include set-up/tear down for events, working at the information & welcome desks, selling raffle tickets, collecting & counting ballots, taking photographs, creating goodie bags and many other things.  For a full list or to sign up for shifts, please visit SignUp.

Who can volunteer at POWFest?

Anyone can volunteer to support POWFest activities; however, since POWFest is all about empowerment, we try to reserve leadership roles for those who self-identify as women.

Are there any perks to being a volunteer?

Volunteers will receive one free ticket for each shift they work and free entrance.  In addition, volunteers receive discounts on POWFest merchandise and get to meet awesome filmmakers during the festival. Volunteers will also be notified of special treats (like concert or movie tickets) throughout the year.

Are there any preparation meetings for volunteers?

Yes!  We have two prep meetings. The first meeting is February 11th at OMPA located at 2828 SE 14th Ave. Portland, OR.  10:00 am – 12pm and the second starts meeting, February 22nd at 6:00PM, location still to be determined.

I signed up for a shift, but my plans have changed.  What do I do?

Please visit SignUp to update your information.  If your plans change the day of the festival, please callPOWFest at 503.729.1142 to give us a heads up.

Where does POWFest take place?

All screenings take place The Hollywood Theatre,  located at 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard in Portland, OR. Special events may take place at other published locations in and around Portland, OR.

What is the mission of POWFest?

POWFest provides a space where women can thrive as media makers.

We accomplish this by putting strong, women-directed films on screen, growing the next generation of women filmmakers, and making it easier for women to make films.

Festival events feature the work of today’s top women directors, honoring the true pioneers while providing support and recognition for the next generation of leading women filmmakers. We also provide space and support to strengthen the community of women in film.

What are the goals of POWFest?

The goal of POWFest is to eliminate the gender disparity that exists for women directors and to create opportunities for all women working in the film industry. The festival has featured accomplished directors as-well-as dynamic young & up-and-coming directors, some from Portland’s burgeoning film industry. POWFest is dedicated to promoting and creating professional development and networking opportunities for women filmmakers of every discipline and skill-set/level. Beyond filmmaker participation we are also dedicated to bringing to Portland, programming that is thought-provoking and will engage the audience well beyond the theater.

POWFest has the opportunity to connect films to local and national organizations that are dedicated to that particular film’s subject matter, enhancing the audience’s experience of the film and contributing to community building and social activism.

Who is behind POWFest?

POWFest is produced by Sour Apple Productions in partnership with The Hollywood Theatre. Check out our stellar staff here!

I still have some questions.  How can I get more information?

There are several ways to get more information.  You can come to the volunteer training meetings, on February 11th (10:00 am) at OMPA (2828 SE 14th Ave Portland, OR 97202 ) and February 22nd (6:00 pm) at TBD.  You can email nora@powfest.com.